Thinking About Joining The Military? - Please Read This First!



Don't Want High School Student Contact Information Given To Military Recruiters?

First under the federal "No Child Left Behind" Act, and now under the federal "Every Student Succeeds Act", high schools are required to provide military recruiters with junior and senior student contact data. Students or parents can mandate that the information is not given out to recruiters, but often this "opt-out" provision is very confusing or hard to find, with different county school boards having different procedures.


It is the goal of Veterans for Peace Chapter 93 to have a standard "opt-out" form at all county high schools, and at the same time fully educating students and parents that they have the right to keep contact information private from military recruiters. To download a PDF "opt-out" form, which when filled out and delivered to a high school administration office, will by law prevent recruiters from contacting a student, click here.



Thinking About Going In Military But Want To Hear All Sides Of The Story About Enlisting?

Joining the military is a monumental lifetime decision, one that should not be taken lightly in any way, shape or form. Before you decide to join the military, make sure you have as much information as possible, NOT JUST FROM A RECRUITER!


Suggested web based resources for information about the military are as follows....


American Friends Service Committee - Youth and Militarism Resources

Basic information about military enlistments and what questions you should have answered.


Center On Conscience And War

Information on Selective Service registration, the draft, and conscientious objector status.


GI Rights Hotline - 800.394.9544 (24 hours)

Resource for people already in the military seeking conscientious objector status, delayed enlistment problems, or release from service.


Project YANO (Youth And Non-Military Opportunities)

Information about military enlistments, the delayed entry program and resources for alternatives to the military



Want to talk to a military veteran before you enlist? Contact Veterans For Peace at 734/487-9058 or email


Would you like a Veterans For Peace member to talk with your high school class? Veterans For Peace would be happy to send a speaker to address high school students about military life and subjects recruiters don't like to talk about (i.e. the military enlistment "contract" has a clause that says the military can change items anytime without your consent). If you are a student or teacher who would like to have Veterans For Peace talk with your class contact Bob Krzewinski at or at 734/487-9058.

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